Map of the Historic Counties

This is a large-scale map of the historic counties of the United Kingdom. No claim to small-scale planimetric accuracy is made. Only major detached parts are shown. Each county is identified by its HCS Code (from the Historic Counties Standard). A key is included below the map.

HCS	Historic County      
ABN	Aberdeenshire
AGL	Anglesey	
ANG	Angus
ANM	Antrim
ARG	Argyllshire  
ARH	Armagh
AYS	Ayrshire
BNF	Banffshire
BED	Bedfordshire
BER	Berkshire
BRW	Berwickshire
BRN	Brecknockshire
BUC	Buckinghamshire
BTE	Buteshire
CRN	Caernarfonshire
CTN	Caithness
CMB	Cambridgeshire
CRD	Cardiganshire
CRM	Carmarthenshire
CHE	Cheshire
CLM	Clackmannanshire
CNW	Cornwall
CRT	Cromartyshire
CUM	Cumberland
DBH	Denbighshire
DRB	Derbyshire
DVN	Devon
DRS	Dorset
DWN	Down
DMF	Dumfriesshire
DUN	Dunbartonshire        
HCS	Historic County      
DRH	Durham
ELT	East Lothian
ESE	Essex
FRM	Fermanagh
FFE	Fife
FLT	Flintshire
GLM	Glamorgan
GLC	Gloucestershire
HMP	Hampshire
HRF	Herefordshire
HTF	Hertfordshire
HNT	Huntingdonshire
INS	Inverness-shire
KNT	Kent
KNC	Kincardineshire
KNR	Kinross-shire
KCB	Kirkcudbrightshire
LNK	Lanarkshire
LCS	Lancashire
LCR	Leicestershire
LNC	Lincolnshire
LDR	Londonderry
MRN	Merionethshire
MSX	Middlesex
MLT	Midlothian
MNM	Monmouthshire
MTG	Montgomeryshire
MOY	Morayshire
NRN	Nairnshire
NRF	Norfolk
NHP	Northamptonshire
HCS	Historic County      
NHB	Northumberland
NOT	Nottinghamshire
ORN	Orkney
OXD	Oxfordshire
PBS	Peeblesshire
PMB	Pembrokeshire
PRT	Perthshire
RDN	Radnorshire
RNF	Renfrewshire
RSS	Ross-shire
RXB	Roxburghshire
RTL	Rutland
SKK	Selkirkshire
SHT	Shetland
SHP	Shropshire
SMS	Somerset
STF	Staffordshire
STL	Stirlingshire
SFF	Suffolk
SUR	Surrey
SUS	Sussex
SRL	Sutherland
TYN	Tyrone
WRW	Warwickshire
WLT	West Lothian
WML	Westmorland
WGT	Wigtownshire
WTS	Wiltshire
WRC	Worcestershire
YRK	Yorkshire